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I love shooting sunsets…they excite me. I love the colors, the surprise of the cloud patterns, the shapes, the texture, and the play of the setting sunlight on its surroundings. Sometimes the color or the spectacle is not there, but I never feel dejected, because I have been up all day.

Sunrises are a little different for me. I love them–no less than sunsets, they bring similar light management challenges. But for sunrises I have to make a special effort to get up early — just for them. I have seen many a thrilling morning sky just begging to be photographed; however, at that hour, I’m usually rushing to get somewhere.  If I had made the effort to get up to go hunt sunrise photos and the sun was hidden, that would be a bummer.

The January 6 Friday morning sky was gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. As I drove across the Palatlakaha Bridge, I saw someone taking a pictures from their car with just an iPhone (nothing against iPhones, I love what they can do). He inspired me.

The orange, peach, tangerine, salmon, blue-grey clouds against a crisp blue sky had been grabbing my attention from the moment I left home, but I was hurrying to a meeting.  I kept telling myself that I did not have time to stop.

I had just crossed over the bridge when it hit me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the sky in Lake Minehaha. The sky was in the water…it was on the water…it was over the water. I had to stop!  I would arrive late, but this morning was not going to get away.  1) I reversed the car hurriedly; 2) I decided I had enough light for hand-held shots as I got out of the car; 3) I reached for my camera bag on the back seat. I could not believe my good fortune to have water that looked like a mirror and such vivid reflections.  I took about 10 shots.

I was pumped for the day.  Imagine the feeling when I walked into the meeting and someone said, “I saw you on the bridge. It was pretty, wasn’t it?” It was great to know someone appreciated my stopping to document the rising of the sun. I was pumped.

The next day, I went hunting sunsets. I expected dramatic skies once the sun broke through the rainy skies.  But the strong wind dissipated the clouds, but the setting sun’s coloring of the windswept mossy branches did not let me down.  Another sunset comes through.