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This time of year, late Fall, the sunsets across Crescent Lake are absolutely fabulous.  They always seem to be at their best when I am on my way to a meeting or appointment.  I so want to stop, but I can’t. It is so ironic that on those evenings when I’m not in a rush, there is nothing dramatic happening as I go by.  Great sunsets, yes, but not eye-popping. So this past Saturday evening, as I stepped out to the mailbox, I noticed a sky with such potential.  I thought to myself, if you hurried you might catch a really neat sunset. I turned around, grabbed my bag, which is always at the ready, and headed for Lake Shore drive. I was right.

Shown in this blog are some of my captures. They all gave me a chance to capture great shots and then sharpen my photo processing skills.  I hope you like.

Oh, the mailbox, I remembered it on Sunday morning–nothing important, just the usual junk mail. I made the right decision.

[BTW, my neighbor texted me late Sunday to ask if I captured any great sunsets.  He said he had seen me setting up as he passed by. I gave him a sneak preview.  He loved what he saw.]