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The landing, the last part of a long and exciting adventure, provided lots of opportunities for great photographs. Although the actions were the same for all fliers, the way they landed was as individualized as the way each of us walks.  Some fliers were smooth and graceful, while others could be somewhat ungainly.  One flier tried to be cute, but only succeeded in performing an embarrassing face plant in the grassy turf.

If you look closely, even behind their sunglasses, you can see and feel great concentration.  Mistakes can lead to sprains and broken bones, but these guys are world-class hang gliding pilots. They didn’t make any costly mistakes, even though the grassy airstrip had a lot of hidden hazards like an uneven surface with an occasional pot hole. Amazingly and fortunately, there were no injuries incurred on any of the 450 flights over the six days of competition.