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On a recent cruise to the Bahamas, my wife and I visited a close relative in Nassau. On our way back to our ship, we stopped by the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island. There were sunset views galore. I have included just a view in this post. I really like how these pictures turned out using photo-processing tools like Lightroom, Photoshop, NIK Collection Suite, and Topaz Labs Clarity to capture and bring out the color and emotions of that dusk in early December.

Atlantis’ proportions were powerful and imposing, but the view to the west gave me lots of opportunity to play with the falling light.  Its effect on the water and Atlantis’ burnt Sienna and coral pink facades made for interesting photographic challenges. I was very pleased with the results I got.  In some cases, I traded clarity and focus for drama and emotion, e.g. the photo of the fountain with the winged horses.

I love the power of modern photo processing software to extract wonderful images from RAW images. It is magical. I am eager to learn more and more techniques.